In order to work with wood in buildings or for furniture construction a skilled person is required. Carpentry and joinery are the two major trades that are responsible for handling wooden architecture and the construction process. There’s a fine line between the two professions which many common people are not aware about. If you encounter both carpenters and joiners in a company, whom should you hire? This is a tricky question, if you’re not aware of the differences between the two.

You might find professional, reliable and good quality carpenters and joinery in Taunton together in many companies. Read on to know the differences. It will help you hire the right person for the job.

Who is a Joiner?

The joiner is responsible for fixing two or more sections of wood in a furniture piece. In layman’s language a joiner is a professional who joins wood pieces. So if you’re looking for a skilled man to make aesthetic wooden doors, staircases and windows, then joiner is the person to approach. A joiner should be trained enough to use machines like lathes, circular saws, standing wheels etc. So, rather than asking the joiner to come down to your place, it is better that you let them work in their own den.

Who is a Carpenter?

Carpenter is a person who works fitting and manufacturing simple wooden furniture pieces. Unlike the joiners, you can call the carpenter anytime to fix a small wooden damage to your house. A carpenter has the functional skill of assembling roof trusses and fitting timber structures. Carpenters work in shops and also provide on-site services. You cannot hire a carpenter for the wooden manufacturing process. They are trained in assembling wooden fixtures but a complete manufacturing is not possible.

How to choose between a Carpenter and a Joiner?

If you’re confused between a carpenter and a joiner, then choose depending on the function that you need. For instance if you’re looking for a staircase construction, hiring a joiner is a smart decision. On the contrary, for a wooden floor or your dreams, hiring a carpenter is a more reliable option.

Again you might need both joiner and carpenter for the same role. For instance a joiner will prepare the staircase and the carpenter will install it on-site. For whole house wooden projects, the intervention of both joiner and carpenter is required.

If you’re thinking of remodelling an old antique wooden piece, then always hire a joiner. Keep in mind that there are many areas of carpentry where the functions of a carpenter and a joiner might overlap each other.

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