Are you planning to have a bespoke wardrobe for your bedroom? Or you may want more than one. Whether you are renovating an entire home or just want additional space to keep things organised, having experienced carpenters and joinery experts in Taunton can help you the most. Buying readymade furniture from a shop may not be a good idea as you cannot be sure of whether they’re handmade or machine-made. Have a look at these five built-in wardrobe ideas to make optimum use of your space.

Five Best Build-In Wardrobe Ideas To Optimise Your Space


This is the most basic idea that we also see in most homes. If you’re looking to optimise space within your budget, then you don’t need to stick to hanging rails and shelves for storage options. With built-in drawers, you will not only be able to save space but also get ample space to keep your clothes and other stuff. You can also ask the carpenter for customisation so that it matches your home interiors.


You may prefer to have your mirror placed separately somewhere in your room, but if you like a subtle and contemporary look, you can have a mirror hung on your wardrobe door’s back. This will conceal it when the wardrobe is closed. It is the best for those with insufficient space. Besides, if you have a walk-in wardrobe, having a mirror inside it is what is preferred the most.

Shoe Racks:

Having well-integrated shoe racks not just conceals your clothes but also ensures that your footwear is in the best condition. It’s also a win-win as what can be better than choosing an outfit with your shoes lined up well for a better and smooth selection?


Having the best lighting helps in choosing clothes and accessories properly. You can choose to have them placed beneath shelves, or you can also install them into the ceiling if you go for a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe.

Sliding Doors:

Sliding doors aren’t literally the interior, but choosing them for your wardrobe can save a lot of space if your room lacks space. Hiring an experienced carpenter can give you a sleek and modern finish to your wardrobe with sliding doors.

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